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  • Skylark’s Cafe
  • Windermere Property Management
  • Cafe Blue
  • Artwood Gallery of Fine Woodworking
  • NW Rain Solutions
  • Hair by Wendy
  • Chuck Robinson & Associates

The Challenge. The Journey. The Results.

Small business marketing, advice and guidance.

The Robert Spector

When internationally known customer service speaker and author, Robert Spector was ready to update his image branding and website, he turned to Gorman Publicity and Bayside Web Design for assistance. The results have been dramatic. Requests for Robert’s keynote speaking and writing have been steadily increasing.

Taimi Dunn Gorman’s skills as a marketing consultant and publicist have been a remarkable addition to my team. Her guidance developed a brilliant, fresh brand and powerful web presence. Demand for my services have been exponential and I feel like I’m on fire!”

“Her extensive experience advising entrepreneurs has also offered me even more insight into the current world of restaurant and retail ownership challenges.

The Robert Spector
Bestselling author of “The Nordstrom Way” and international speaker on customer service

Restaurant marketing and publicity.

Skylark’s Hidden Cafe

As Skylark’s Hidden Café prepared to more than double their space, owner Don White, called for branding advice, remodeling tips and publicity work. Their success is legendary.

“For more than a decade I relied on Taimi at Gorman Publicity to help guide my restaurant to long-term success with powerful marketing ideas and techniques. Her network of A-list media contacts assured us the best possible response to press releases and media placements.

Taimi’s skill set is an outstanding mix of traditional, fundamental advertising knowledge combined with modern social media savvy.  She provides specific actionable advice and recommendations, and she educates her clients to be better at including marketing in all aspects of their business.

I highly recommend Taimi at Gorman Publicity for all your advertising and marketing needs.”

Don White
Founder/Former Owner of Skylark’s Cafe

Small Business Consulting Bellingham

Windermere Property Management

When Windermere Property Management needed websites, Gorman Publicity was there to write the new text, help with design work and take photographs.  The initial websites increased business 10 fold.  It evolved into a long-term business relationship, as we just completed 4 brand-new updated websites with Bayside Web Design.

Taimi has worked with my company on numerous projects over the years, from writing website copy, to offering marketing advice and supervising photo shoots.  She is an excellent writer and takes notes quickly and accurately. She is professional, organized and offers relevant opinions based on years of local market and public relations experience.

The staff likes her, and she communicates well and to the point, while helping them understand what is needed.  Her cheerful attitude keeps everyone on task even during the longest, most difficult meetings. 

I highly recommend her, and her equally professional husband, Bill, to any company facing challenges that need an outside view.  Their skills can help generate revenue at minimal cost.

Doug Wight
Owner, Windermere Property Management

expert guidance for retail restaurant.

Cafe Blue

The new owner of a Fairhaven coffee shop called us for advice on their target market, products, marketing, branding, and improving the bottom line. We guided her with advice that worked.

Taimi and Bill offered invaluable advice before construction of my new business. Their knowledge of Bellingham is in-depth and current, and their first-hand experience over a long period of time has made them experts in understanding the local market. They were able to ask the right questions to diagnose my business’ strengths and weaknesses, and to provide incredibly specific and pragmatic advice. Their expertise in business practice combined with local understanding makes them the ideal consultants.

Lily Lovell
Owner, Cafe Blue

Small Business Marketing Advice & Guidance

NW Rain Solutions

CJ called looking for marketing advice and direction for his eco-friendly on-site residential rainwater harvesting and recycling company.

“Gorman Publicity was professional, courteous and knowledgeable in their approach to our business goals and strategies. Their team was attentive to our needs as a small business, and provided valuable insight for communicating our brand with more effective, direct messaging in our outreach efforts. It was such a pleasure working with Gorman Publicity, and I recommend their services to everyone!”

CJ Huxford
Owner, NW Rain Solutions

small business marketing, advice and guidance.

Hair by Wendy

Hair Stylist Wendy Bevan came to us for marketing and publicity advice and new portraits.

“Because of Taimi’s extensive involvement in business, especially in Fairhaven, she is always my first recommendation to businesses looking to market themselves. Being a successful business owner, her skills are very hands on. I really appreciate her suggestions. Her playful personality puts everyone at ease, even those boring photo shoots are fun.”

Wendy Bevan
Owner, Hair by Wendy

Small Business Consulting & personal photoshoot.

Chuck Robinson & Associates

When Chuck and Dee Robinson started their new consulting business, they called Taimi for a personalized photo session.

It was a pleasure working with Taimi as she took photos for my consulting website.  She understands photography from a marketing prospective and is able to capitalize on the personality of her subjects.  I highly recommend her. “

Chuck Robinson
Owner, Chuck Robinson & Associates

Small Business Marketing & Publicity

Artwood Gallery of Fine Woodworking

Taimi did all the marketing and publicity for the Historic Fairhaven District from 1985 to 2006. Merchant groups are a specialty.

Taimi has been so helpful to Artwood over the years, taking fantastic pictures and doing ads when we needed them. I worked with her on the Fairhaven Association Board for about 15 years. She did all of the PR for the entire district! Her advertising knowledge and writing skills are invaluable! The amount of press she has garnered for the district over the years is huge! And still continues!”

Erica Hume
Manager, Artwood Gallery

Small Business Publicity & Photography

It was a joy providing photographs for for many years. There is always something happening in district.

Taimi’s photography of business activity is always right on the mark for publicity and news media. Her photos and very well written business news have been on for years. I’ve watched with admiration for over 20 years, her smooth manner of successfully promoting businesses and the Fairhaven District. She knows what works and how to package it.”

John Servais
Previous Owner,