Communication Training

Communication is the fuel that powers performance.
All organizations face the same challenge.  More than two people involved means at least two different opinions on how things should be done.  Whether it’s a business board, non-profit organization, political campaign or a service business, the viewpoint will be varied and the solution complex.  Most of us need more than one of the interpersonal communication techniques listed below. Strategize with an experienced coach and learn how to present with impact, become an influential advisor and collaboratively lead others.

Powerful coaching that will dramatically change your personal and professional life.

Managing Conflict

Conflict resolution through discussion, not argument, is a vital life skill.   Hone listening techniques, so you actually hear the other person.  Learn how to give feedback about what you’ve heard in a way that shows the other person that you did understand what they were trying to convey.  Both group and individual coaching will help pave the way to better communication.

Interpersonal Communication Training

Everyone occasionally runs up against the wall of “interpersonal miscommunication.”  It can happen at any time with anyone.  The mystifying part is that often you can’t identify how it occurred or where to go from here. Learn how to identify and control emotions that block you from communicating directly and appropriately without aggravating the situation.  Emotional Intelligence is powerful thing.  Discover how accepting suggestions without feeling like it’s criticism, will Influence lasting and productive change with yourself and those around you.

Employee and Colleague Relations

Managing a team means understanding what motivates the individuals who work with you.  It is the most difficult part of running any organization.  Personality types, gender, age, and culture are just a few things to consider.  Whether you own your business, or manage a non-profit, work for a corporation or small office, the challenges are the same.  Learn the techniques that help your group function with efficiency and joy.

Identify your Communication Style

Do you tend to be shy?  Do you stuff emotion until it explodes into anger?  Do you tend to treat your employees as friends, rather than staff? There are as many communication styles as there are people.  You aren’t a bad person by being yourself.  You may just find that what you’re doing needs a bit of guidance to make it more productive.

Political Campaign Coaching

Work with your committee toward a cohesive message, organized goal setting, effective marketing recommendations, conflict management and functional group dynamics. Don’t spend time arguing when you’re trying to get elected! Half the battle toward victory at the ballot box is getting the most of out your willing volunteers without ego battles within your team.

Communication Training

Individual Counseling on Communications Skills – Three 90 minute sessions that include counseling, role playing, problem solving and personal emotion identification and control. Learn how to read people and make choices that move the dialogue forward to positive solutions.

Group Mediation and Counseling – We offer sessions with your board, partnership, non-profit group, managers or staff to identify communication barriers, solve immediate challenges and move to the next level of understanding.  Learn about different styles of communication and personality traits that get in the way of problem solving.  Bill and Taimi have served on a total of 2 dozen boards and groups, including as officers.