Sales Coaching

Doing what you have always done will get you what you’ve always had.
With a sales coach in your corner you get a new perspective, a fresh view, and innovative solutions. Learn how to do it from a 25-year seasoned sales manager who dealt with the both corporations and small business, along with motivating his own sales staff.  With great understanding of the process, Bill Gorman can coach you or your team in a way that will stick.

Choose the individualized sales coaching that will dramatically improve your sales and optimal personal performance

Sales Management and Leadership

Entrepreneurs frequently have no one to confide in. Their family doesn’t understand, and their employees are not the ones to ask. Whether you’re a manager, executive, founder, or owner, the challenges are the same. Find and enhance your personal leadership style. Identify and perhaps reinvent, the culture of your organization to maximize sales. Getting off the default path will give you a new, and more effective way to manage your sales team.

Sales Techniques

Sales skills are vital to the success of every organization.  Business doesn’t just automatically come to you.  Asking for “The Sale” is key, and not at all easy. Interpersonal aptitude is just part of it.  Having confidence from your initial contact to closing the sale is not an ability we are born with.  It takes practice and training.  Social skills take time to learn, and a mentor, or “coach” will speed the process.

Sales Goal Setting

It’s sometimes difficult to keep your goals high and your attitude on track.  Setbacks need not be seen as “failure”, but as a learning process to get to the next level.  Learn how sales professionals stay in it for the long run, develop good relationships with their customers, and set attainable goals that assist both you and your client. 

Sales Team Motivation

To work as a team, groups of people need to be coached together toward the same end.  Give your sales staff a motivating transformation from someone with a fresh approach and a new viewpoint.  Give them a chance to vent their concerns and challenges in a safe atmosphere so small issues don’t become larger ones.

Sales and Leadership Coaching

We create individual packages suited to your needs!

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Private Sales Coaching – One hour meetings to review your skills, your goals and your technique.  Role playing, counseling, sales analysis, and much more, guides you to the path that takes you to success.

Group Sales Seminar Utilize our customer experience for a seminar for your Sales Staff that includes one hour of a basic sales refresher course, followed by an hour of question and answer that can not only motivate and aid your staff in their sales goals, but give you an opportunity to find out what’s on their minds.  An invaluable resource for you and your organization.  Bill was a Sales Manager for decades and can give you the tools to hit your goals.