Small Business Rescue

A fresh perspective, new ideas, immediate results.
Entrepreneurs are uniquely talented individuals with exceptional vision and courage.  But, every business and business owner eventually falls into a rut where the direction isn’t clear and sales aren’t as they should be.  There is panic when you realize you could lose it all.

Doing it by yourself is difficult.  You can’t ask your family or staff to advise. Whatever the challenge, we understand, and we can help.  We’ve helped over 100 businesses succeed and owned several ourselves.

We have a “Business Rescue” plan for you.  We’ve done this for so long, that we can walk into a business or watch an organization at work, and almost immediately come up with solid recommendations that will help.  You’ll have to do the work, but we’ll guide you along the way.  If this sounds like you, let us know.

Oh, and if you haven’t opened yet, call us NOW! You might save thousands of dollars and perhaps your entire business if you get advice ahead of time.

We provide a “Business Snapshot” and offer immediate solutions to increase sales.

Marketing / Advertising to shake things up

Have you run out of ideas? We create:

  • Marketing/advertising recommendations
  • Marketing plans
  • Brand development
  • Media relations recommendations/press releases
  • Copywriting
  • Retail merchandising/display recommendations
  • Mystery shopping & dining
  • Restaurant business and menu review
  • Informal digital photography
  • Website development and analysis

Retail & Restaurant Analysis

We offer a fresh look at your business procedures:

  • Retail & restaurant Analysis
  • Customer service review
  • External facility inspection
  • Appearance recommendations
  • Hygiene evaluations
  • Sales opportunities
  • Revenue increase recommendations
  • Check out challenges
  • Detailed written reports

Management Analysis

Prevent problems with proven communication techniques:

  • Management analysis
  • Systems for chaos prevention
  • Analysis of interpersonal relations
  • Enhanced communications recommendations
  • Techniques for positive customer interactions
  • Job descriptions
  • Management pyramids

Sales Training & Coaching

Breathe new life into your formula to increase business:

  • Sales training
  • Specific sales techniques
  • Generating new customers
  • Keeping current customers
  • Creating sales goals
  • Closing the sale
  • Motivation
  • Revenue projections

Small Business Rescue

We provide a business snapshot – a written report of recommendations to improve your customer service, bottom line, or future goals. 

Our Package offers an initial consult, analysis of your organization, recommendations report and meeting, and a 30 day after follow-up on the plan.  We’re confident this will be one of the best investments you ever made in your business, campaign or non-profit.