By the time they called me, the business was in a jam.  The owner of an established, well-liked local restaurant had partnered with a new chef who wanted to change the name and the menu.  The owner wanted advice, marketing guidance and publicity since it was going to be a challenge for his regular customers […]

When I left the restaurant and retail business four years ago to start my own consulting company, I did not fully comprehend the lack of marketing experience most entrepreneurs bring to their new businesses. I had spent 25 years learning it the hard way, and for some reason, I still thought everyone else knew more […]

No one has ALL the answers.  Not even the most brilliant business person!  The challenge of owning a business is that you started it thinking you could do something better than most.  You also have a personality that lends itself more toward leading than following.  You may not always work well with others and you […]

In early 1980, the UN Security General flew to Iran to deal with a hostage situation, saying he was coming as a “mediator to work out a compromise”. Alas, the word “mediator” was translated as meddler, while “compromise” was referred to as meaning the more negative form as in “our integrity was compromised”.  Within an […]